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In Capacity House


Hosted by Cosmic


Donald spends his days rehearsing for his next show as alternative Glaswegian drag queen Miss Diagnosis. Trapped in the confines of his tiny flat, Donald knows strangers steal his work while he sleeps. He can only mourn the brilliant life that they have taken from him. The government, family, friends and siblings are all under suspicion.






Ken McLoone’s performance as

Miss Diagnosis is subtle and understated, almost the opposite of every other drag show.

A searingly painful, but intriguing psychological study of how one individual struggles to re-connect himself to a world beyond his own reality... Not to be missed.

If you love the plays of Beckett or the films of Polanski, David Lynch, Neil Jordan, then go see it

In Capacity House is a production which tackles mental illness head on, and that's got to be commended.