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The Woodhouse Principle

By James Moxon-Browne


A co-production with INtraverse Productions

12-15th August 2014

Upstairs at the Gatehouse


A psychosexual thriller - A young writer has picked up a lost mobile phone on a night out and a whole new dark story unfolds, reality and fiction blurs, this takes place in his small apartment.


Director Amna Khwaja


Detective Hammet Ken McLoone

Tom Shaun Oxenham

Charlotte Ruth Petersen

Danny James Moxon-Browne


Set Design Collette Creary-Myers

Graphics Dave Swan

Sound recording/editing Das Voice


A Chandelier in my Kitchenette

Miss Diagnosis is turning 50 this year, now troubled by his fear of lost youth he only finds solace with his dolls. Where will his hatred of short sleeved shirts, fantasies of millennium style fame, and desire for beautiful nails lead? Now memories of a little boy in Glasgow come flooding back…


The Regency Tavern, Brighton

8-12th May 2012


Director Angeliki Karistinou

Video Evangelia Christakou 

Tech/Stage manager John Gammon 

Make-up advice Mangala Harris


Drama Bites

Drama comes full of promise. It can be the stuff of dreams. But sometimes the line between reality and fantasy can be dangerously elusive. And sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for...


The Etcetera Theatre Club

5-7th of  August 2011


Director Amna Khwaja (INtraverse Productions)

Producer Ken McLoone

Tech/Stage manager Daniel Crews

Set and costume designer Bridgette Cocchiola


'Drama Bites utilises an episodic plot line, this divisive technique allowing its audience to become swept up in a surging accumulation of psychological disturbance.'

Helen Richardson for On The Fringe



The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

3-5th August 2010


Director Chryssanthi Kouri

Tech Camilla Cadler


It’s just a harmless form of recreation


From idle talk to the tabloids. Have you read all about it? Once unleashed, gossip mutates and infects the people around it, until...



The Cockpit Theatre

Gateforth Street

London NW8 8EH


2nd of March 2015


Director Loretta Monaco

Producer Ken McLoone


Punt James Moxon-Browne

Sir Vlad Olievschi

Guard Ken McLoone


Set Design Chrissy Ihenacho